Doug Yuen on Going Pro Podcast

Ep 5 Doug Yuen – Travel, Build Websites, Podcast. Happy!

Doug Yuen is has a successful WordPress consulting business, growing podcast and all while traveling the world!

In this podcast, Doug Yuen talks about his dream of being free to travel the world and doing what he loves.  His web business allows him to do just that.  We discuss his experience with clients and the websites he designs on the fly, his attending and speaking at local Wordcamps and travels through Thailand for months at a time.  If you wanted to have the freedom to travel and do something awesome like building websites, listen to this episode!



@troydean on the goingpropodcast.

Ep 4 – Troy Dean of the WP Elevation

In this episode, Troy Dean talks about how he started building wordpress websites and then elevated his consulting business. Troy not only gives the steps he’s taken to get better clients and projects but he gives awesome advice for any web developer. Learn about the WP Elevation and how it can specifically help consultants improve their business. If you want to eleavate your website development business, check out the WP Elevation.

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