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Ep 6 Sé Reed of the WP Watercooler

Reed is this episodes Web Development Pro.  Sé is a regulr contributor of the WP Watercooler and helps small businesses with amazing WordPress Website.

talks to us about her craft but also talks about women in web development and even gets in GamerGate.  Sé is definitely full of energy and we are so happy she shared that energy with us here!




@troydean on the goingpropodcast.

Ep 4 – Troy Dean of the WP Elevation

In this episode, Troy Dean talks about how he started building wordpress websites and then elevated his consulting business. Troy not only gives the steps he’s taken to get better clients and projects but he gives awesome advice for any web developer. Learn about the WP Elevation and how it can specifically help consultants improve their business. If you want to eleavate your website development business, check out the WP Elevation.

WP Elevation -


Going Pro Podcast

Going Pro Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction

Welcome to the NEW Going Pro Podcast Episode 1.  In this podcast you’ll get tips, tactics and strategies to help you take your consulting business to the next level.  You’ll find valuable resources and advice regardless if you are a web developer, designer or any type of creative.  We will cover topics that consultants struggle with like working with clients, keep clients on track and way more!  Along the way, we will share our own tips but we’ll also interview industry experts to share their experiences and knowledge on how they worked to become a professional in their market.  Stick around and make sure to subscribe to catch all the future weekly episodes.